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Dan Novarro's 2021 VFX reel featuring clips from both personal and commercial projects.


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On Tiempo

Dan was interviewd on ABC 7's latino commuinty affiars talkshow Tiempo for his work on his short film La Chancletera. The film was a featured selection of the New York Latino Film Festival. 


Watch Dan On

Ninja Warrior

Dan appeared as a contestant on seasons 10, 14, and 15 of NBC's American Ninja Warrior. In High School, he worked at a Ninja Warrior/Rock climbing gym which gave him all the skills he needed to fall in the water four times in a row. It turns out that in the end, the real Ninja Warrior are the friends we made along the way.

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Dan's Work

Dan was interviewed by Computer Graphics World about his work as the assistant Visual Effects Supervisor on season 5 of Amazon Prime Video's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Click here for the full Article

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Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo is Dan's thesis film from his time at NYU. Filmed in 4 days on a tight $2,000 budget, Dan, alongside his cast and crew, worked together to create a special story about the identity issues mixed race individuals face on their journey towards self discovery.


Gabriel, a cowardly teenager, is forced to confront his own culture after his kid-genius stepsister teleports them to an unfamiliar world. Once there he must rescue her from a gang of dangerous toy-obsessed debt collectors before their house explodes and their parents get back from dinner.

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La Chancletera is Dan's junior year film from his time at NYU. Taking inspiration from a story about his own abuela and starring his cousins, Dan's first soiree into short films was a family affair. Albiet a bit antiquated as a form of discipline,  La chancla is still a prevalent and feared memory in latino households everywhere. A love letter to his Abuela, Dan made this movie to show how grandmas can be the real superheroes of the family. 


When a greedy landlord attempts to unfairly evict Abulea, she must use the powers of Latino parenting to protect her grandson and her home.


Check out the rest of my original works below!

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